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Barge Renovations Update


We’re still buried in the bowels of our little ship – renovating away, only popping up for air when we need feeding.

Below are galley progress-pictures from a month or so back (where has the time gone?). Some people liked the painted cupboards, but we changed them for several reasons:

1) The photos looked so much better than the real thing.

2) My eyes couldn’t stand all the hectic patterns and clashing of colours, stripes and frills (frilly net-curtains, red curtains, striped curtains, and the stencilled flowers on the sky-hatch windows) – something had to give!

3) I like fresh, simple decor that creates the feeling of space.

4) We didn’t like them!

Getting ready to sand

Getting ready to sand

Some of the paint was very thick (dobbed on!), I was glad we had the electric sander!

Some of the paint was very thick (dobbed on!), I was glad we had the electric sander!

I couldn't wait to lighten this lot up!

I couldn’t wait to lighten this lot up!

First coat - there were five coats in total!

First coat – there were five coats in total!


Sitting on the stove top!


Much better!

Much better! (Ignore the timber door on the right, we currently have a vagrant door just sitting there in the way!)

That's better on the eyes!

That’s better on the eyes!

This one?

This one?

Or, this one?

Or, this one?

Currently, we are finishing off the front cabin and that is the end of the renovations for now.
Photos appearing soon-ish!

What are your renovation success stories?


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9 thoughts on “Barge Renovations Update

  1. Hi jackie it looks great but it takes over your life doesnt it. What paint did you use over the varnish. We have nearly finished too. I want my boat back. X


    • Hi Georgie – Thanks, I used a plastic paint for the first couple of coats, then an enamel – no problems at all once we got the lose stuff of (lots of heavy sanding). So pleased to hear you are finished – I am mid-way painting the front cabin. That will be it for a while, time to enjoy the canals! 🙂


  2. Looks great, now your about done and spring is I the air, what next?


  3. What a transformation!! and you are correct, the simpleness of the new white gives the illusion of more space. Well Done!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahhh you did the wise thing, getting rid of the fussiness and timber for crisp white clean lines!
    Creates more space to the eye also. Fantastic job Jackie and Noel!!! 😀
    You deserve a bit of a break before the next project! haha


  5. Am eagerly waiting to see the final pics of the whole boat soon. 😀


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