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Dutch Barge Renovations Update


Rouge Corsair Winter Renovations


After a ‘sticky’ start, the renovations are starting to show promise. Here’s what caused the delays:

DSC_0486The new holding tank – made from one of water tanks. Sourcing the right welder was a rather frustrating project. Having to cut the big tank up INSIDE the boat, made the boat filthy. It was too big to get out, so Noel cut it into four pieces, two were the holding tank (including lid), the other two pieces were superfluous. The plumbing parts were purchased on-line and all in French. Other bits-and-pieces from the Brico-marche, eight kilometres away, hauling all purchases by bike.

DSC_0497Noel drilling a hole for the vent.

DSC_0493There’s a hole in my hull!

DSC_0502A neat job – we now know what’s behind all the walls – good insulation and good wiring (now!) – we replaced all the old wiring.

DSC_0505Another hole, this time in the deck, for the new water tanks. These will be situated under the bed.

DSC_0507We’ve been lucky with the weather, Noel chooses the outside-projects in time with the better days.

DSC_0512rAnd cake… we like cake!


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10 thoughts on “Dutch Barge Renovations Update

  1. Good to hear things are progressing!!


    • You know boats Viki! Even with all our years on boats, all different kinds, this job surprised us. The holding tank took forever, sourcing parts was a problem and the right welder etc., lack of language skills didn’t help either!. Noel has done a beautiful job with the tank. There are no requirements in France – yet- for one, unless you are over 20 metres! But we have a feeling that’ll change and like to do the right thing. Timber going back on now – which is amazing to see – makes you feel hopeful there is an end! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Pete likes to know what’s behind the walls, under the floors etc too, which is one reason we bought a hull rather than a ready done boat. Downside? It takes forever to build!!! X


    • That is a bonus Frances isn’t it? It does take forever and can be frustrating, but you KNOW what you have. Almost everything was sound and good on RC, but there was one or two bits of wiring that needed updating, so we are pleased to have that replaced. Some of the plumbing left a lot to be desired too – so that has all been made good now as well. It is hard, but satisfying. You will now every inch of your boat, that’s a great thing to have! x


  3. Hope you washed your hands before eating those cakes!

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  4. You’re probably right Susan!


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