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Amazing Facts & Watching Births & Deaths!


I learned some interesting stuff this morning. Which is interesting in itself, as it is my birthday and I plan to do very little today.

While ‘playing’ on the internet, I found some fascinating facts about my birth date.

First, once I had put in my birth-date, they stated my age (44) – very helpful!

Some useless facts (1970)

#1 R&B song: Stoned Love by The Supremes
Today – well it depends where you look. One said something about Tuesday in the title, which put me off as it is Friday today. Another had the ‘F’ word in the title. Yup, nice, I don’t want to know!

#1 Movie: Love Story
Today – The Hobbit –The Battle of Five Armies. I did notice that Annie is number 3. I simply adored this movie when I was a kid and can’t wait to see this one.

(Best Birthday present: EYES RIGHT! 😉  )

#1 novel for 1970: Love Story by Erich Segal
Today – Unbroken by  Laura Hillenbrand

Price of a new car: $3,645.  In 2013 it was over $32,000!

Phase of the moon: Waning crescent – 25% illumination
Today: Waxing crescent 25% illumination
(Waning is getting smaller each night, waxing is getting bigger each night (think wax ‘on’!)

Apparently my tarot personality card is The Wheel of Fortune. That sounds pretty good to me.

World Population: 3,766,155,556. Today at 9:15 am it was 7,283,683,299.

Deaths and births
Here you can watch people die! And be born! Goodness. Actually, you watch the numbers change for births, deaths and population growth. The numbers change rapidly! Do they have someone sitting there logging up to the minute deaths!

A Sobering Thought
I found this last one shocking. But it is another neat reminder that my time is ticking away. I’m included in the numbers on the birth log, one day I will be on the death-log too, what a sobering thought!

Positive Thoughts
I think I’ll focus on the love and good fortune theme that runs through my birth-date. The best birthday present I’ve received so far is really – good health and happiness.

For everyone with a birthday today – Have a Great Day and don’t be sad you are another year older… it is better than the alternative.


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5 thoughts on “Amazing Facts & Watching Births & Deaths!

  1. Happy Birthday


  2. Fascinating facts! The one I found the most sobering was that the world population has doubled since you were born. What have you been up to??? 🙂 Seriously, though, that’s a bit too much, I think.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oops, pressed submit again too quickly! My fingers will end up on the naughty step! Happy happy birthday (again)! I know you are enjoying it. I think given where you are, what you are on and who you are with, that’s not surprising 😀 xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Val! as you can see I am way behind on everything – been busy writing! Yes, some of those facts are very sobering! We had a great time over christmas – had a traditional French lunch – oysters, foie gras! Very rich! Lots of fun… hope the work is going well, looking forward to seeing you back in FB! 🙂


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