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Positive Thoughts – special days


We’re tearing the inside of our boat apart. The two cabins are badly designed. Currently there is a three-quarter double bed and a three-quarter single bed.

At the very least we can rearrange the walls for a big (walk-around) double and a grand single or, I am hoping, another double.

This morning there is stuff everywhere, we have to live in half the boat now. Eighteen-and-a-half metres divided by two isn’t very much! It’s not so much the smaller space, but we’ve had to cram 18.5 metres of ‘stuff’ into the other half!

Wrecking the place!

Wrecking the place!

Now we are sleeping and eating in the lounge (not at the same time), luckily the galley is a good size. The wheelhouse is the store room.

We’ve done this before on other boats and in houses, and instead of getting stressed and worrisome about moving everything around and living in a work-space, I am enjoying it.

Two cabins and lots of thinking!

Two cabins and lots of thinking!

We won’t always have our health and if we do, time will catch up with us eventually… we won’t always be able to do this.

So, we laugh when the mattress becomes a live animal and refuses to be folded in half to go out the hatch.

We giggle when we walk around in circles, picking up ‘stuff’ and putting it back where it came from.

We snort with mirth, when I moved one set of shelves into another room that Noel was trying to empty.


The corridor, part of which will become the main cabin (with ensuite of course!)

This is fun – these are happy days – these are days to enjoy. They make me smile.


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4 thoughts on “Positive Thoughts – special days

  1. There is a sneaky peak of your kitchen units there, I would love to see more, they look so pretty. Although Pete has not finished building yet, I have plans for changes for the future……..xxx


    • Hi Fran, I will try to get more pics up – the painted cupboards look better in the pictures than they actually are – there is so much of it – then stripey curtains (instead of a cupboard door) next to the fridge which is also painted – it is not my cup of tea – so they will be changed! I like lots of clean, light paintwork, the colour is added with food (in the kitchen) and paintings and bright cushions/bed covers in the cabins. But that is just me – some people love the cupboard doors in our galley, some don’t 🙂


  2. Fun to see the cabin of this type of boat with which I’m not that familiar. And great attitude about the work, btw! Good luck with the remodel 🙂


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