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Thank you . . . au revoir


‘Twas the night before our great adventure . . . during the day, travelling in trains allowing the whole gaggle of goodbyes to ruminate, I had a little epiphany. Our life of goodbyes is difficult for others, not just us. I know. I bleat about the obvious. But sometimes I am so focussed on my emotions that I become selfish and not think about others. Until saying farewell to my dear mum – again – this morning and our tears . . . our life of goodbyes is the compromise in our nomadic choice of living, but I had been so wrapped up in our feelings of parting and then our next adventure, I had given little thought to others and how they deal with us coming and going to and from their lives.

So, to you all that we’ve hugged, kissed and discreetly wiped our noses on- I thank you for putting up with us . . . au revoir.


Pic: Learning French on the train! 


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6 thoughts on “Thank you . . . au revoir

  1. Bonjour!!! Remember that there is always Skype for as-close-as-you-can-be-and-not-be-there conversations! It save the day. When we *sailed away* our children seemed to think we were sailing off the edge of the world! That was before Skype and our SSB Radio was the answer. Now it is much simpler and includes live videos.


  2. Thanks guys – yes, we love skype too – just love it! Will keep you posted!


  3. Yes, we all make choices. You have chosen to be nomads, and those that you leave behind have chosen to care about you and follow your exploits regardless….you can’t get away from that.

    Bon voyage, bonne aventure, profiter de chaque minute. Moi, je suivrai vos aventures vraiment avec plaisir.


    • Thanks Mike, nice message – Merci beaucoup! (that’s as far as I am prepared to go in written French! 😉 ) Love having you along for the ride – we’ll be posting more pics later this week – hopefully – finally of the boat!


  4. …we are installing our SSB as well, winlink works well for email offshore so should on the Continent too.

    Regarding our nomadic lifestyles — where would WE be if our ancestors stayed in the seemingly safe place and hadn’t ventured to new horizons!! We like to follow their footsteps but in our own way.


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