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A life of goodbyes


As our incessant itchy feet require us to keep moving, again farewells are thick and fast, tears and hugs are all too regular in our nomadic lives. Still the next adventure urges us on.

Noel sums up his thoughts  on canals, sailing, speaking French and life! – and he reveals a bit more about our ‘prospective’ new boat:

This Friday we return to the lovely France. We are meeting our good friends Andrea and Clive, on whose farm we lived and trained our horses, spending the night together at the Pub. Next morning they are taking us down to our prospective new boat.

Then we take off, with the owners on a 280 k test run! Complete with 87 locks for heavens sakes. This is to deliver the boat to St Jean de Losne Marina and haul-out facility. The owners reckon it will take about 8 days. They do not speak English (being Australian, neither do I really, but I muddle on) we of course have a bare smattering of French (Jackie is miles in front of me with all things Franco-phile). So that should be interesting. Viva le accorde!! Well hopefully.

The barge (dutch Luxemotor) is 18.5m long, so somewhat shorter than the other beast, and has NO concrete in the bowels.

I do admit that the ocean has an allure, with regards, a sense of freedom and endless possibilities. These thoughts being well tempered by memories of exposed anchorages and lee shores. We shall see.

I’m primarily abso-bloody-lutely delighted with the fact that we have a choice to do these things and still have the health to enact these desires.


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6 thoughts on “A life of goodbyes

  1. Bon chance et bon voyage! And apart from ordering baguette, camambert et vin, that’s the limit of my French!! We look forward to hearing of your travels.


  2. Have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to hear how you go. I really want to do the canals through France. I totally have visions of wearing a beret, cycling down to buy a French stick and some gooey Camembert washed down with a nice red wine. Sitting on board the boat watching the French countryside slip past. Ahhhh jealous!!


  3. Bon voyage et amusez withthe nombreuses écluses. Nous espérons que l’inspection va bien pour vous. Google translate is fabulous!! All I know is “Citroen”, and “How much for that small part @#*”; I own 3 of them!!
    All the best.


  4. Ha Ha! loved your note Michael – thanks for that. We enjoy the locks and all the different scenery in France. Haul out tomorrow, survey Thursday, keep fingers crossed for us – more pictures to come soon – of the boat, we hope!


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