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We’ve Found Our Boat!


We have signed the contracts and paid the deposit on our boat! We have to wait a few weeks before we can haul her out to ensure the integrity of the hull, so we’ve returned to the UK for a brief visit to my family. Pictures and more information will be coming soon, but after last time, I think I’ll wait until the deal is done. She is a Luxe Motor and a very pretty boat. Keep your fingers crossed for us. . . more soon.

In the meantime, take a look at our other post. It is a human trait to take things for granted until we are reminded about how tenuous our lives are . . . https://jackieparry.com/2014/05/25/my-top-ten-reminders-for-living-enjoying-life-now/  O

. . . and if you are looking for a great boat to go cruising, please take a look at this one. Our friends are selling their boat due to health issues (as above). This is a genuine boat for sale by genuine people, if you’re want to buy a catamaran I urge you to seriously consider this one . . .  fully equipped and no hidden, nasty surprises. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bb1bsxuzbs03j16/AAAkA8-


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6 thoughts on “We’ve Found Our Boat!

  1. GOOD NEWS!!!! Now the fun begins.


  2. We’ve also just bought our boat and heading off to pick her up in July. I tried the link to your friends sight with drop box 😦 no luck opening it


    • Hi Cheryl-Ann – what boat have you purchased? Where are you heading. Try copying and pasting the link into your address box – I will put up another link via my blog later today anyhow! J


  3. Best wishes for the start of a fabulous journey afloat


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