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My top ten reminders for living & enjoying life NOW


This morning we heard from friends, a couple. She has had a heart-attack. Their life has been turned on its head. Their dream (which they have started) of sailing to a new country to start a business has been thwarted. She is younger than me (I am 43).

It’s moments like these that stop me worrying about how crazy our ideas are and how much money we are spending on our next adventure.

I am sure we all feel this way, a sad, worrisome, thought-provoking piece of news makes us all think. But how do we continue to appreciate what we have, how do we stop taking our health and our short time on this planet for granted.

Do we need constant ‘bad’ news to provide that kick up the backside each day? I hope not, here’s what I try to remember:

1) You will only live the life YOU create for YOURSELF

2) Love yourself; appreciate yourself

3) Accept change as an exciting challenge

4) Choose happiness

5) Aim for the light in everything you do

6) Mistakes aren’t failures – they are lessons learnt, leading you to a better path

7) Live in the moment (my biggest challenge!)

8) Count your blessings – literally!

9) Dream as though you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow

10) Life IS short

What mantras do you adopt to keep positive?


Author: jackieandnoel

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4 thoughts on “My top ten reminders for living & enjoying life NOW

  1. I know what you mean. Went to 2 funerals last week. When life is tougher than usual I tell myself “This too will pass”.


    • Sorry to hear that Michael . . . you are right, that is a good phrase to say too, and it does pass . . . are you in FB? If not, you may not have seen my note about a catamaran for sale. I will put it on this blog too today – but basically our friends are selling their catamaran (as she is poorly) – anyhow it is in Tahiti at the moment. It is a REALLY GOOD deal. We know them very well and they are the most genuine people you could meet – anyone wanting a good boat that is ready to go (with spares) – then this is it. You did cross my mind . . .I will post the details later today on my blog.


  2. So sad, and agree with your tips – you only get one chance to make the most of life! Speaking of which I’ve got to go pack I’m off on another adventure this weekend! 🙂


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