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The Deal is off / boat deal falls through


Regrettably, frustratingly, annoyingly, upsettingly . . . .  and, and . . . many other adverbs . . . we have pulled out of the deal.

What happened? We found concrete in the bilge – a big NO NO for us. Fortunately, we had this stipulation in writing.

Why didn’t we see this before? The floor is completely sealed, which did put us right off initially. However, good relationships developed between vendors/buyers and they drilled a hole in the floor for us to view the bilge and check for concrete. (After they categorically denied that any concrete existed).

So what happened? We paid the deposit and they very kindly let us move on board, prior to the survey. This was reassuring – there couldn’t be anything wrong with the boat if they let us move in, so we announced our ‘new boat’ to the world.

Searching for the right holding tank valve one evening, we found concrete remnants. At midnight we were pulling up/out whatever we could (without causing damage) to investigate. There is concrete under the bathroom, under the holding tank, under the galley (completely athwartships – where they didn’t drill). With heavy hearts the following day we rang the owners.

What commenced then can only be described as bloody awful. In short, they don’t find concrete a problem and ‘didn’t realise that we were that worried about it’ (that’s not quite true, why would we ask them to drill a hole though there floor, stipulate it in writing . . .  etc etc . . )

Anyhow, we and the technical experts at the surveying company (that we talked to on the phone) ARE concerned about it and that is what matters. As I say, luckily, we had it in writing and now with deposit back in our account we are heading back to our wonderful (and supportive) friends in Petten.

What next? Who knows? Who cares? . . . right now wine’s more important.

Picture of us on happier days!


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14 thoughts on “The Deal is off / boat deal falls through

  1. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. May I ask what the issue is with concrete – is it the alkalinity of it?


  2. So disappointed for you. I know you’ll find ‘her’, but still. I understand how upsetting it is to have to walk away.


    • Thanks MW, it is hard, but better to walk away now rather than later!


    • as a career yacht broker, i must assume that a broker was not used here–i might suggest you find a good one to avoid this sort of thing.. and if you had one, get another one fast. the survey should have been done long before you moved aboard and invested emotion and money in this boat.


      • A broker was involved. And you maybe right, in ideal circumstances. However, the emotion was already invested when the offer was made and we did not invest money in the boat.We didn’t get to the survey part, we found the concrete on the second day after we moved on board. We are travelling with a few bags, so it was not such a big deal. The big deal, for us, is that we have not had our own home for almost a year and we have searched most of the Netherlands for ‘our boat’ and it feels like we are back to square one.


  3. Wow – you guys must be so gutted! We’re going to start shopping for our next boat soon and am hoping it goes smoothly. But you always seem to hear of people who fall in love with a boat, get a fair way down the track to purchasing and then have to pull out. Hang in there!


    • Thanks for that Ellen, it is pretty devastating – searching for a boat is hard – and we are paricularly particular! Good luck with the searching, let us know how it goes.


  4. So sorry your dreams have been dashed…..for now. You will find the right boat for you. There are more out there. Good luck.


  5. Oh no! So sorry to hear this. I am sure something even better will come along – one door closes another door opens and all those cliche’s. Enjoy the wine. I will have one for you too!


  6. Oh what a bugger! I am so sorry after all this time and so many boats your dream boat has turned out not to be. You must be so disappointed.So am I. Thank heavens you got your deposit back. I don’t understand why concrete’s in the bilge – does it make the boat too heavy? Or affect the running? I know nothing! Good job you know your way round boats. Don’t despair- but you probably feel like it. Take a breather and get back into it. Loved the photo- it’s good to see you both. Lots of love and big hugs. Anne.

    Anne Norris 14 Spica Street Giralang, ACT 2617



    • Thanks Anne, just posted lots more details on why we don’t like concrete/cement . . . it is not very exciting, but may explain where we are coming from. We are planning our next attack – maybe in France! xx


  7. Noel and Jackie, just read your blog and am really sorry to hear of your fallen deal. I know just how frustrating it can be when you find the ship you love and then it doesn’t work out. We have a bit of concrete in the engine room but I agree, I wouldn’t like it throughout. We spent a couple of years searching and had help from Ruud Thomas, an independant Dutch broker in NL who drove us around 11 potential ships in 2 days. Esme was number 9 and we made an offer the same day. There are some great ships out there so don’t give up. If you know Ruud then perhaps you haven;t had the luck we had with him, if not I can give you his number. I’m always happy to pass on interest to friends and bargees that we know who are selling. If you’re interested let me know your spec and budget, no self interest involved. Best regards Chris Grant http://www.mvesme.co.uk


    • Thanks Chris, that is appreciated. We will keep you/Rudd in mind (we have not met him yet). There is another ‘possibility’ on the horizon, so we will just see how that goes first. I had a good look at your website (very nice) and pictures of the lovely Esme, she is fabulous and huge. Very nicely fitted out – a lovely home. We’ll keep you posted and stay in touch, hope to see you on the water somewhere.


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