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Our New Boat


Drum roll if you please . . . .

We move on to our new boat tomorrow!

Krek Wek Wou (‘Just What I Want’) is a Luxe Motor Katwijker 23m, built 1929.

She is enormous but very lovely. She needs some modernising to our taste inside, which will keep us quiet for a while. Apart from that, she is ready to go.

We’ve done all pertinent research on safety standards (TRIWV), licences etc and are very comfortable in what needs to be done.

Draft: 0.95 m

Air draft: 3.05 m

Length: 23 m

More (better) pictures soon-ish.


Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

12 thoughts on “Our New Boat

  1. She looks absolutely lovely and roomy – wow your new home! Glad you will have some space for us to bunk down when we visit after a few wines to celebrate. Good on ya guys! Love the name too.


  2. Happy New Boat! 🙂


  3. Love it!! I so want to do the European canals!!


  4. Wow, that’s different! I guess we won’t be seeing her in the Crookhaven any time soon. Looks like a great adventure coming up for you both. Best regards from the South Coast.


  5. It’s good to be different . . . and you know we always are . . . yes, lots of adventures, lots of writing, hope you’ll come along for the ride! Hope all is well there.


  6. Krek Wek Wou really is beautiful. Can’t wait to see her. Lots of fun and happy times ahead. Congratulations!


  7. I can’t wait to see more photos of her. She looks just so cool! I would love to do an adventure like that on a canal boat, not to mention the living accommodations compared to sailboats!


    • It’s our biggest boat yet (by far!) we won’t know ourselves, we’ve been living in a campervan for over 4 weeks now! Can’t wait to spread out! Mind you it took all day to clean the Campervan . . . lots of extra bits of painting/cleaning/maintaining to come with a boat such as this – oh well, it is always a compromise eh? More pics and details soon . . . hope you’ll come along with us on the journey, following our blog.


      • Well, it is – er – BIG! The vessel looks great. I feel sure that you 2 will make it a good home for as long as she remains with you. Now; if you are still aboard in 15 months when we are visiting family in Germany!!!! Michael.


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