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Talked into buying two boats – Talked out of buying two boats

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We’ve found something the Dutch AREN’T good at – it’s a real coup.
But first, BOATS. Today we saw two boats. We talked ourselves into buying both and then talked ourselves out of buying both. The first had a teak deck (gasp!), one of our major turn-offs (just WHAT is going on under there?). However, the rest of the boat was lovely – just lovely; a neat layout (2 cabins), dinette, separate toilet (not in the galley!) – BUT it also had a, questionable, depth of 1.25 metres. The teak looked in great nick and the vendor is open to negotiation including removing the teak and fixing problems . . . tempting. BUT (again), the depth would prohibit reaching some out-of-the-way places. Tonight, tucked between smart houses and neatly sliced reeds, we consumed a swift half, while small boats clinked in the evening light. It’s here we want to explore by boat, a 1.25 draft will stop us seeking out these places.
The second boat is strong, quite nice looking, good engine, but the layout . . . . on one side is the galley, right opposite is the toilet. The vendor thought us mad when we said we didn’t like it – but we just don’t. There are some ‘adjustments’ we could make to improve the situation, but the price does not reflect these. The electrics need replacing/updating and the engine is a little bit more thirsty than we’d like.
Both boats were the best we’ve seen so far.
Tonight, on internet, we’ve found more to view. The photos/layout/description stirs our travelling juices once again; let’s hope the pictures reflect reality.
Anyhow, back to the point. Tonight, walking in, what only can be described as a ‘boutique’ town (without the ‘boutique’ snobbish-ness . . . . ‘it’s just how we live’), we started to find the prettiness, beauty and stillness of the village almost irritating. Not because it was irritating, but because it is so damn pleasant-everywhere. The Dutch are a smart race, they make good boats, and they have great ideas. Where, in England, we worry about rising damp, here they are building ON the water and wonder what all the fuss is about . . . . Sooooo, the point, arrrhhh, the point, the point being (at last!) we have found something the Dutch aren’t good at . . . cocktail sticks, they are no good at cocktail sticks-they are blunt . . . . stabbing our olives became a trifle annoying, but, I suppose, it did slow us down. Pathetically, we are comforted by this! Tomorrow more boats . . . and more damn amazing scenery . . .sigh . . . Becoming patient is becoming easier, we are having far too much fun!


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