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Boats Glorious Boats – Keep It Simple & Patience


We’re in the nitty gritty of Holland within the nitty gritty of boats.
Tall ones, short ones, long, fat, thin, smelly, smart, expensive and cheap – boats glorious boats.
It sounds ideal, driving around Holland in a loaned camper van (we have great friends here) and viewing boats, but, to be honest, it is better than ideal!
Spring continues to put on a good show for us in Europe with clear skies, sunny days and cool nights. Holland is green, flat and neat. The Dutch couldn’t make an ugly house if they tried.
After buying boats in Australia and San Francisco, it is interesting to see how the brokers in Holland differ. They don’t. There must be an international brokerage school they all go to. When we comment on a defect they talk around it, if they have no answer they become suspiciously quiet. They hear what they want to hear and show us boats they think we should buy.
“Don’t look at the price.” One said as if it bore no relevance; then proceeded to show us boats twice our maximum budget . . . wasting everyone’s time.
“It’s very different to sailing.” Another says, when we explain we have sailed. He doesn’t listen to our further explanation of living on board our first boat for nine years, which was 34’ without a fridge and we traversed many canals (including France) on this wonderful boat.
It’s useful allowing brokers to assume we are ignorant, some tend to talk themselves in circles, revealing more than they’d like.
But not all the brokers are this way. The brokers that showed us boats this morning are quiet and gentle. They let us peruse without pushing the hard sell – which is the worst thing to do to us, indeed it would put us off most boats. The boats we are viewing at the moment do not have thick, new paintwork which has almost been poured on, ‘trying’ to hide problems. The problems are on display, as they should be (well, we hope).
What we want: A good sized boat for two with two cabins for occasional visitors to have their own space and a well maintained boat with one engine that is big enough to push us along nicely, but not too big. Additional sails would be nice (small mast to lower) – but they seem few and far between. A wheelhouse is necessary- it is cold here sometimes!
What we don’t want: Teak decks, rust, ugly (we will need to re-sell it), toilet in the galley (and there’s a few, what were they thinking!), a diesel-eater (not heater, which is what we do want!) but we are on a budget.
Type: Whatever fits the above – we’re viewing all sorts to help with research and hopefully feel that little flip flop of excitement when we find the right one. We learn something new on every boat.
Keep it simple is our motto, which we did on Mariah and so far they were our best days (years) on board.
We’ve been here less than a week: our other motto we try to follow, is : patience.


Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

2 thoughts on “Boats Glorious Boats – Keep It Simple & Patience

  1. Just keep in mind that if you want to explore Germany their major rivers require a pilot on board if your boat is over 15 Metres. Under 15 M you can journey on your own. They water police are very sticky about this.


  2. Great advice – thank you! Smaller boats are appealing to us also, because of the running costs, we like moving a lot!


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