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We may have found our first horse!

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We’ve just agreed to adopt Psyscho Stevie from The Standardbred Pleasure & Performance Horse Association of NSW. http://www.standardbred.org.au/

This organisation does a fantastic job. They are a non-profit organisation, founded in 1993 and staffed exclusively by volunteers from their own homes throughout the state who give of their time and resources to provide Standardbreds with a life after racing. There is no Government support and all monies earned are raised entirely by fundraising activities, donations, membership and application fees.

Physco Stevie was introduced to us as a 15.2 Bay gelding which pig roots (bucks a bit sometimes) – but is apparently very kind – and hasn’t dumped anyone  . . . yet! . . .!

We hope Psycho joins us soon!

Pictures to follow soon.


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