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I won’t even have a sink!

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I am looking at all the gear we have, tent, self-inflating mattresses (‘mattresses’ is a bit flashy – more like ‘inflated flannels’) and camp chairs that are cunningly disguised as tiny stools and I’m wondering when we’ll find our steeds. We plan to be ready to go by September!

The chilly wind glides over the fresh snow on the mountains down to our little home and makes me shiver, Noel tries – again – to convince me there is central heating in the tent.

Meanwhile I stand at the sink, with lovely running hot water. I’ll miss the hot water and say “I won’t even have a sink.” To which Noel says with a grin, “don’t worry dear, you won’t have a roof, a floor or a cushion either!”

Hmmmmmm. What are we doing and why? Take at look at http://www.bicentennialnationaltrail.com.au/

. . . and why? Well, why not?


Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

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