Jackie Parry – author


What We’re up to Now

A year since my last blog! Here’s what we’re up to now.

Building our house (4 years plus)… so nearly there, make-shift kitchen is about to upgrade to semi-make-shift!

Building a business: SisterShip Training is going great guns and continuing nicely along its 5 years plan – exciting news in the pipeline!

Bringing my horses back to good health. After the trail riding (A Standard Journey), we hot-footed it to the UK to spend much needed time with family. We left our horses with “friends” of friends. Three years later I skipped with joy with the thought of getting them back – on our own land no less. We collected three emaciated, worm-filled, lame, depressed, miserable horses.

The nine hour trip back to their forever home almost killed us all. I was beside myself wondering if they’d make it. Especially Charlie who is huge, big-boned but so fragile.

Five years on they look amazing and I almost have their feet back to where they should be. I will never forgive those people. The farrier thinks their feet were left for three years and chopped just before we picked them up – hence their lameness and a four-year struggle to get their feet back to health.

More Books?

Yes – in draft. However, SisterShip Training takes priority as far as work, as we are on the cusp of great things!

At the moment

My health is priority, having had a rocky-road for the last 1-2 years. Mostly due to stress. That’s all done and dusted now. I’ve shed the heavy weight things in my life that were very keen to destroy it and taken back control.

I had my hair tissue analysed (just like I did with the horses!), and it pretty much saved my health.


I hope to share more of our journey from now on, and I thank everyone who has supported me along the way, especially those who have purchased my books and continue to write to me from all over the world.