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An Englishman, Irishman, and Australian were at a market….


We are loving Buzet sur Baise. We’ve perfect autumn weather, a safe and quiet port, nice friends just down the road, all within a wonderful quaint village.

With one week of good weather forecast, Noel and I are busily painting the top sides of Rouge Corsair. It’s so easy to forget how hard painting is, this morning every part of my body aches, including my fingers!

Sunday morning we took a break and cycled 5 kilometres (uphill) to a vide-greniers (garage sale). Although it was more like a huge market with just about everything you could ever want – good stuff too.

Image courtesy of federico stevanin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of federico stevanin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Within the bustling, friendly market we met, an Australian, an Irishman and an Englishman, who have invited Noel to play cricket, tennis and go cycling. Noel thought this was rather nice, but did wonder, ‘can’t we just sit under the shade of a tree and drink beer?’

Image courtesy of jiggoja at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Chestnuts! Image courtesy of jiggoja at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

While Noel tried to convince the locals that beer, shade and trees, really was the way to go, I had great fun searching for rugs to insulate our floor for the coming winter, some blankets and bits and pieces. We had great fun with Lorna and Kim from MV Sunflower and a great giggle coming home – thankfully it was downhill!

3 rugs on the back of Noel's bike, our work-mate bench in Kim's basket (as well as their stuff) - I had a full back-pack and panniers (as did Noel!)

3 rugs on the back of Noel’s bike, our work-mate bench in Kim’s basket (as well as their stuff) – I had a full back-pack and panniers (as did Noel!)

To find out about the calendar of garage sales, flea markets and flea markets of France, Switzerland and Belgium, dial up: http://vide-greniers.org/

And if ‘coins’ are your thing, look up Richard Lytton. He is a numistatist (and a rather nice chap), www.gascogne-monnaie.com (Australian and world coins).

Kim and his  (and our) 'load'!

Kim and his (and our) ‘load’!


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6 thoughts on “An Englishman, Irishman, and Australian were at a market….

  1. Ha. Ha. Good to see some things never change. You can take the Aussie out of Australia. But you cannot take the beer away from him.


    • Yes, things are still the same – we are just loving it here – it is a really neat place to be – also enjoying the boat so much – will post more pics soon – as we have now painted (almost) the topsides! She is looking grand (we are looking knackered), but happy! 🙂


  2. Sounds just wonderful, Jackie! Funnily enough, we were talking about Buzet sur Baise just yesterday! It’s on the wish list. My sister has a house just north of Agen and it’s an area I’d really like to be long term, but it’ll be a while before finances permit! Enjoy it – it sounds wonderful!


    • Hi Val, it is a great place to have on your list….. it is quiet though, one of the reasons we like it! You can live cheaply here, I am doing a week long cookup with vegetarian dishes (trying to be healthy – although I am not sure the cheese is healthy!) – anyhow, I spent $20 at the big vege/farm shop (wonderful), last Weds and we are still wading our way through the veges, so I will post my learnings – reckon our food bill will be around $40 for the week! I love challenges like this! 🙂 You sister lives in a lovely part of the world…


  3. Sounds very attractive, and you’re obviously wintering there. Lucky bastards. btw, if you have a second to take those measurements of the wheelhouse and airdraft as you get a bit more time, that would be appreciated.


    • Hi Ian, we are lucky – it is so delightful here…. right, at the stern of the wheelhouse, the wheelhouse is 2240 wide and 2970 is the height of the wheelhouse (the highest each side is slightly different!) – forward the width of the wheelhouse is 2800 (that’s the widest) – (the height of the wheelhouse at the from is 2910). In the middle it is 3010 (height). Obviously, you have to check water levels – has it rained a lot or in a drought. At Capestang one local said it was up “incredibly”, other locals said (at the same time), “it is hardly up at all – and because of the weir it doesn’t go up much” – indeed we witnessed it go down (a little) to “normal” in one day. When we drew our curves, for comfort, we drew a square 3100 high by 3100 wide and drew it within the curves of capestang and marengo – be warned there are other low bridges, which seemed equally as low! But if you get under Capestang you will do it….. if there is not flood rain – 😉 ha ha! do let us know how you go – any other questions give us a shout on ckijack@yahoo.com 🙂


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