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The Midi, perhaps once isn’t enough…


The two days that inspired my last blog, were just two days. Rude visitors on hire boats made the busy stretch an arduous journey. Our patience was tested to the extreme, but it was just two days!

Shower of autumn golden leaves.

Shower of autumn golden leaves.

In the last two days since, we’ve only seen two hire boats on the move and no other boats whatsoever. The tie ups near the locks are easy, quiet and safe.

The autumn leaves shower down on us as we putter through, burnt oranges, flame reds and deep purples. The ducks still laugh at us as we pass by, the Herons flap lazily across our bow and the otters paddle beneath the dappled light.

Dappled light - stunning

Dappled light – stunning

With great tie up places and crisp, blue days of low humidity; no bumper boats (hire boats) and perfect countryside views, the days are a joy.

Helpful lock-keepers together with helpful public that push the buttons on the automatic locks or catch our lines have made  the last few days perfect.

Perfect days

Perfect days


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2 thoughts on “The Midi, perhaps once isn’t enough…

  1. Sounds very calm – unlike Jervis Bay last week! Stunning pictures of a very nice time of the year in that region. Thanks.


    • It is just a fabulous autumn here – perfect clear blue days, warm (after the morning fog has lifted) – we are very lucky as we’ve almost finished painting the entire boat! Next the inside – pics coming soon. By the by, have launched Cruisers’ AA on kindle and finally looked at the ‘alteration’ you spotted and well spotted it was! Thank you!


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