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Adopted by a cat – part 2


Yorca had slept all day, so at night-time, naturally it was play-time. The cat food I purchased had obviously not sated her as she bought us a rather large mouse this time (thankfully already dead) and ate it (all) in about 5 seconds, at our feet. How lovely.

During the night, she was in and out of the windows. She’d already learned that she wasn’t to go on our bed, but of course the shelving around the bed was a different thing.

“Your cat, kept me awake all night,’ I said while tickling her under her chin – she likes that a lot. She made us smile, she made us laugh, she always said ‘g’day’ when we came on board and she made it quite clear when she was hungry or wanting attention.

Not sure if she's licking her lips or sticking out her tongue, she has me wrapped around her little finger!

Not sure if she’s licking her lips or sticking out her tongue, she has me wrapped around her little finger!

During the day we kept her in the wheelhouse, with a rather soft cushion in the sun, while we worked around her. ‘She’ll sleep better tonight.’ I said, as we’d disturbed her a lot while working. But Noel still shut her in the wheelhouse – with access in/out via a window. She meowed with disgust at not being allowed below decks, only for an hour or two before settling down!

‘I really have to take her to the vet tomorrow.

Tomorrow the mystery of who she is and where she came from is solved but doesn’t end!


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6 thoughts on “Adopted by a cat – part 2

  1. She is a very pretty and unusual cat. I met an amazing lady yesterday who lived with 16 cats! Xxx


  2. One cat is a *herd* for us too! She is unusual and lovely and it will be bittersweet to leave without her – unless she manages to be a stowaway – and she is clever…….. so………….


  3. Love the cat………………………………. and are you heading in my direction?


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