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Life’s too short to worry about sand-paper


Life and working with sand-paper are both battles. The first we can’t do much about… or can we?

Life is horribly short and sand-paper clogs up quickly, and slows down the process.


The end of one’s life is inevitable at some point, so we can’t change that, but what we can change is what we do within our time, or in this case what we don’t do.

Noel’s words of wisdom struck a cord with me.

“Life’s too short to worry about sandpaper.”

To explain; while sanding, the particles start to cling to the paper and the paper becomes less and less useful. Ultimately, you end up spending more time sanding than necessary. Which means more time working and less time for fun!

We need to make more time for fun!

We need to make more time for fun!

“Just chuck it away as soon as you notice it becoming less effective, and get more, we don’t have enough time to sand for longer than necessary.”

I kind of like that – we’ve better things to do…  what will you not do to make life better for yourself?



Author: jackieandnoel

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6 thoughts on “Life’s too short to worry about sand-paper

  1. So very true


  2. I HATE sanding!! In fact I think I am allergic to sand paper. It gives me the shivers – just like nails scraping down a blackboard… ugh!


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