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We have two dead batteries and details of our PREVIOUSLY smashed wheelhouse and it’s only 8:24 am!

Okay, the wheelhouse is CURRENTLY in one piece, but it WAS smashed – sometime ago. The book, about Lionel (see last post), reveals that our boat has already traversed the Canal du Midi a long time ago… back then, they mis-calculated a bridge measurement and the wheelhouse didn’t make it!

Will the wheelhouse fit under lower bridges?

Will the wheelhouse fit under lower bridges?

My mum has the book with these details and is telling me, much too calmly for my liking, about the bridges.

WHICH, bridge?” (betting it is the Capestang or Marengo)

Did they re-build the wheelhouse lower?”

…and now I wait with baited breath… especially as we have just paid three months rent for our winter mooring in the Canal du Midi (Buzet du Baisse)!

Two batteries are looking rather poorly this morning, we were hoping they would last (the other two didn’t), so it looks like two more new ones are on the cards…sigh.

Shall I lock Noel in the engine room?

Shall I lock Noel in the engine room?

That said, it’s raining and our rain-catcher is working a treat! And Noel’s just announced he is going on the internet to seek psychiatric help. Happy days! 🙂




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9 thoughts on “That’s Boating Life!

  1. Arraaggh stress! Good luck and I hope your wheelhouse stays in one piece!


  2. Ps did you see I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award? X


  3. The good news about buying new batteries is that now you know their condition. The bad news is of course the expense.

    I wonder if the previous owners can advise about whether the wheelhouse is now lower?


    • Hi Mike, yes, we have two new ones (engine), wondering about the other two – we found “someone”:had left a rather ‘thirsty’ light on over-night – so running more tests before we put our hands in our pockets! We are waiting for more details about the wheelhouse, the “previous” owners in this case where the ones who wrote the book in 1997, they were in their 80’s then (I believe) – so I am waiting for details from the book (which I don’t have yet) – hoping they re-built it lower . . . keep fingers crossed!


  4. That “someone” sure does get around. Has been doing a bit of damage on boats over here as well.


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