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Can You Smell Gas?


Today Noel was the electrician on board and I became the gas technician. The wheelhouse stunk of gas this morning. When I opened the gas locker (outside, near the wheelhouse door), a wave of gas assaulted my nostrils!

I duly made up some soapy water and as I applied it to the connections said ‘please not the regulator, please not the regulator.’ Guess what, it was the regulator. Sure enough the tell-tale bubbles came from the regulator.

See the bubbles near the bottom?

See the bubbles near the bottom?

$105.00 Euros later – thank you very much – and we have a new regulator.

The old

The old

The yard is nice and quiet this weekend. It’s nice to have a rest from the sandblasting from next door’s boat. Mind you I was getting quite a good all over exfoliation treatment from it all.

A friend told me that she treats herself once a year to such health matters. I don’t, I rely on DIY or, apparently, sand-blasting! ‘I am a canny with money though’, I explained, ‘I even try to convince Noel the mold on the bread is just a new brand.’

The new.

The new.


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4 thoughts on “Can You Smell Gas?

  1. Better to find out now…..


  2. Well, that’s one more item off the list. This “list” is the one that is only populated when something unexpectedly fails. Funny how this list never seems to be empty for very long when boats are involved.
    You 2 are having a fabulous experience; enjoy.


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