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Used Fortuna Island Spirit 37 catamaran for sale by owner

Many people fail to realize that the Island Spirit 37 is identical in size to the Island Spirit 40.
Nothing was really done to the 40 other than the extended sugar scoop at the stern. The
Island Spirit is the most spacious catamarans for it length of any similarly sized catamaran in
the world. The space created by the extra space between the bulkheads puts many larger
catamarans to shame.

Please take a look – share/like and spread the world. Our lovely friends are having to sell their boat due to an illness. It is a very difficult time for them.

They are the most genuine people you could ever meet and I know that this boat IS a great buy – at a reduced price with EVERYTHING you need . . . take a look and pass on . . . (lying Tahiti)
pic for alims boat


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