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Flipflops of the emotional kind


These roller coaster emotions are flip-flopping my stomach. We have three boats on the final list. Each day we have definitely made up our minds on one . . . until we think of something else, re-check, re-view photos and change our minds – again.

Brokers with lax responses to our questions cause worms of doubts – it’s possible yesterday’s favourite is no longer the favourite AND vendors may have lost the sale, due to their broker.

The current favourite has only changed once today. After more research and number crunching we have settled on THE boat, I think . . maybe. . perhaps . .  Once the ‘final’ decision was made, we were both excited . . .  now I’m worrying ‘have we made the right choice?’  . . .  too much time to think . . . too many boats . . . that much older/knowledgeable (not always a good thing!) . . . so the flip-flops in my stomach are off again, but I do think it is a bit more excitement-flipflops than anything else.

Oh, and which boat is it? . . . sorry, you’ll have to wait, we are sorting out the finer points and I don’t want to let on just yet in case it all goes ar*e up! (or we change our minds!) Flipflopflipflop. . .

Lead picture, out with friends on the canals on a rainy day . . .  (l to r: Den, Jackie, ‘Tash)

More calming Tulip pics . . .


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6 thoughts on “Flipflops of the emotional kind

  1. Hi, I am Happy for You , You are this far….. I will keep my fingers crossed for You. after such a long time searching, you problably made the right decision. But. i know the feeling. even after we bought a boat, my stomach turned and turned but you know. there is NO perfect boat!! Waiting to see the picture of your new boat. 🙂


  2. Thanks Pia, they are words of wisdom and much appreciated . . . I will keep you posted.


  3. Hi U2, What gorgeous photos. Hope you find THE BOAT a.s.a.p. It’s obviously one heck of a business. Do most/all Dutch speak English? Am holed up with Bridie waiting to get back to normal. There’s a permanent bell ringing in my ear together with a foul taste in my mouth which are symptoms I’m not sure how long they last, and are bloody annoying. Whinge over. We’ve had a glorious April- gearing up now for winter. Not much news will try and find some excitement to talk about next time. Love Anne.

    Anne Norris 14 Spica Street Giralang, ACT 2617



    • Hi Anne, Hope you are feeling better soon . . . yes, most people speak English here – thankfully! They’re a clever mob the Dutch. . . . will send you an email to catch up . . . take care xxxxxx


  4. Hope you are tip toeing through those tulips!!!!!!!! all our love… Mick,Lyn and Captn Doodi. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • Hi – lovely to hear from you – welcome to our world – hope you like the pictures . . . looking forward to hearing about all your ‘goings on’ on email! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps – extra pat to Capt’n Doodi!


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