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The Cruising Life – challenges & observations when moving on board

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Moving from land to boat created interesting challenges and observations, even on the second time around:

  • You have to become flexible. Having a large engine room is great, but you still have to bend yourself like a pretzel to get in there.  Then perform miracles to unscrew, twist, replace . . .
  • The top of the mast (68 ft high) moves a lot when you’re clinging to it, even on anchor.
  • Bruises accumulate. The vice in the workshop bit me every time I went passed!
  • Finding free WiFi on anchor is incredibly exciting.
  • It’s possible to live cheaply on board (buy Cruisers’ AA to find out what I am talking about).
  • There is an amazing amount of work involved in getting the boat ready for doing miles. (We rode our bicycles 60-70 miles a week, carrying the equivalent of a small truck load on our backs.)
  • The laptop and camera are cherished items. I have to type everything as I can’t even read my own handwriting anymore and my camera captures all those memories which disappear with wine, oops I mean time.
  • It’s so peaceful swinging on anchor.
  • Just a few more knots of wind at night makes the difference between a peaceful sleep and a fitful sleep.
  • Resourcefulness becomes your middle name. (Okay I’m gonna say it again . . . Cruisers’ AA will show you how.)
  • It is blessedly stress-free NOT having a mobile phone!
  • You never have enough rags on board.
  • Life on board is fantastic. Hard work, but deeply satisfying.

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