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What We’re up to Now


A year since my last blog! Here’s what we’re up to now.

Building our house (4 years plus)… so nearly there, make-shift kitchen is about to upgrade to semi-make-shift!

Building a business: SisterShip Training is going great guns and continuing nicely along its 5 years plan – exciting news in the pipeline!

Bringing my horses back to good health. After the trail riding (A Standard Journey), we hot-footed it to the UK to spend much needed time with family. We left our horses with “friends” of friends. Three years later I skipped with joy with the thought of getting them back – on our own land no less. We collected three emaciated, worm-filled, lame, depressed, miserable horses.

The nine hour trip back to their forever home almost killed us all. I was beside myself wondering if they’d make it. Especially Charlie who is huge, big-boned but so fragile.

Five years on they look amazing and I almost have their feet back to where they should be. I will never forgive those people. The farrier thinks their feet were left for three years and chopped just before we picked them up – hence their lameness and a four-year struggle to get their feet back to health.

More Books?

Yes – in draft. However, SisterShip Training takes priority as far as work, as we are on the cusp of great things!

At the moment

My health is priority, having had a rocky-road for the last 1-2 years. Mostly due to stress. That’s all done and dusted now. I’ve shed the heavy weight things in my life that were very keen to destroy it and taken back control.

I had my hair tissue analysed (just like I did with the horses!), and it pretty much saved my health.


I hope to share more of our journey from now on, and I thank everyone who has supported me along the way, especially those who have purchased my books and continue to write to me from all over the world.


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9 thoughts on “What We’re up to Now

  1. Exciting times for you both and your big hairy buddies. Well done, we are both so proud of you!!!!!


  2. Cant wait to hear your up coming news and see what the new book is about.

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  3. Goodness, what a journey. Having grown up with horses, you’re description of your beloved animals” condition was painful to read. That is not forgiveness I would be able to find either. Best wishes on all that is ahead! -Jessie

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    • Hi Jessie, lovely to hear from you. Yes, I can be quite forgiving but this was too far for me. I could only write it and hope people deal with it as it is a happy ending. Fat Furry horses now adorn our paddock (and very happy (spoilt) ones too!

      Funny how many people cross from horses to sailing and back again – if you find yourself down this way ever, come in for a horse-fix – they love people (especially carrot-carrying people!) – fair winds.


  4. Glad things are going well! It’s definitely been a strange year. Hi to Noel.

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  5. Lovely to hear from you guys. Hope you are both doing well. It’s definitely been a very strange year. We are having fun with the house though! 🙂 x


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