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Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle of Rum!


A little while ago I wrote about the mysteries of the maritime world and how to get through your first few times on a boat at the helm.

I received many great comments – one, in particular, is important:

“Great encouragement and advice, Jackie!
Also, want to toss in the thought that not all women are the ones being persuaded to go sailing/cruising! While most sailors are super friendly, etc. it really does bug me when I run across people who just assume that I’m only there (or any woman is only there) because her husband persuaded her to be!”

Thanks Ellen You are right. It isn’t always the man’s dream to sail off into the sunset. Women are leading the way too and taking their partners or single-handing.


Ellen goes on to say, “It’s a lack of recognition of the fact that I am (or other women are) realizing dreams that we’ve had since childhood, and the sense of accomplishment that it gives us. So my bit of advice is, when you meet people in an anchorage, to wait and hear their story before jumping to the conclusion that Girl is valiantly supporting Boy’s dream :)”

Pink and Blue Jobs
Well said! And leads me nicely into blue/pink jobs. I can understand some jobs fall to the woman and some to the man. But on our boats both of us could and can handle every job necessary, from every aspect of maintenance to navigation. For us it was the safety aspect, for me it was independence. That’s just our choice; many couples have wonderful years on board with defined jobs.


Ellen adds
“That’s not to discount the bravery of those who do fit that narrative, just to point out that it’s not the only one! E.g. we met the skipper and cook on a luxury chart yacht where she was the captain/engineer and he the cook!”

Men vs. Women
A recent FB post on a sailing group made me smile, the magnitude and range comments that followed this question were hysterical, some thoughtless, but many were thoughtful:

drinking bottle

Image courtesy of kjnnt at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“Sailors, what do you say to a woman who gives you lip about drinking rum on your boat before noon, and then also tells you that your plan on someday circumnavigating is ‘scary’ and ‘inconceivable’?”

Responses varied from “throw her overboard” to “go to AA!”


Image courtesy of bplanet at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


My response was along the lines of, “I wonder why so many men tell us their partner won’t sail with them? How about showing her how conceivable your plans are and proving they are not scary…. as for the rum, well, sometimes it is important and sometimes not, however – never at sea!”

What do you think?


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4 thoughts on “Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle of Rum!

  1. I would probably never had left Paris if I didn’t meet Roz Avel’s “armatrice”, Nathalie, and we share almost every task on board (I hate vacuum cleaner, and she’s she only one who climbs um-there to change a halyard) – but in really bad weather we both decided that it was easier for me to be at the helm). Once, in Port Foleux, South Brittany, on our previous boat, an Arpège (an old half-ton from the seventies) she was climbing up to the masthead to change a bulb. From the neighbour’s big motorsailer cockpit I hear “I think you should keep this one with you!”… I had dreams of Mini Transat, took one year of Naval Design, love boats and adore sailing, we bought our three successive boats together, worked on them together and always sailed together, but from the two of us, she’s the one that could really say “living and travelling around the world on a boat is a “reve d’enfant”.
    I loved reading this article, Jackie.


    • Great story! You both sound like us – except recently I spotted a vacuum cleaner on board and asked Noel, “who owns that?” Ha Ha! I am becoming better acquainted with it now! Noel hates the head plumbing – he nearly sunk one of our boats in a tantrum while trying to fix a, erm, blockage! YIKES! Thanks for the kind comments 🙂

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  2. My wife is has always said she is no sailor but she likes the life. She will happily say she has no interest in sailing or learning to sail but I know when I want someone to take a watch or fight the genoa into submission she will be there before anyone else. Without her this would not be an amazing sailing adventure and to be honest without her I wouldn’t be here either. She is not just on the boat though, she is the life and spirit of the boat.

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